The Arab mosaic, along with our olives is the central axis of our image.

In our BEAUTIFUL TOWN beautiful town "Arjona" was born and lived the first King of the Nazarí Dynasty "Alhamar"

Extra virgin olive oil and olive were a symbol of wealth in the Andalusian world, because it had multiple uses: food, cosmetic, medicinal, as fuel for night lighting, as raw material for cabinetmaking, to make soaps, ...

The Andalusian heritage has come to us through a lot of words that we use every day as Almazara, Acequia or the word Oil that is derived from the classic Arabic "Azzayt" whose meaning is "olive juice."

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil My Aceite Jaén® is a tribute to the memory of the Nazarí Dynasty, which treated the Olive Oil as a cultural asset, and whose value we have inherited today through the Mediterranean Diet.

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Antonio Lomas y Blasa Ruiz (Co-Founders)


Amador Lomas (Co-Founders, Manager / CEO)

Juan Miguel

Juan Miguel Lomas (Chief of Operations)


Javier Moya (Head of Information Systems and Marketing)

My Aceite  Jaén®, is a unique quality brand which was made possible because of the hard work and dedication of the Lomas-Ruiz Family from Arjona, Jaén. Dedicating several generations to the cultivation of olive groves, we finally decided to market our own oil in 2014. In our search for the highest quality and excellence, we control the whole process personally - from the production of the olives in the field to the commercialisation of the oil.

We call our Picual monovarietal oil "the real juice of our olives" and its quality and organoleptic properties give it some powerful health benefits.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil "My Aceite Jaén®" is obtained from our olive groves "Fuente la Peña" and "Clica". Measuring about 200 hectares, they are located in the northern countryside of Jaén, in the municipalities of Andújar, Arjona and Porcuna. Such millenary villages are renowned for their great olive tradition and a Mediterranean climate like no other.

For centuries, our family has acknowledged the importance of looking after the environment. As a result, our cultivation is carried out using only approaches which are respectful of nature

The exploitation technically controls all factors of production. We adopt an integrated production and we use agricultural systems that maximise the resources and the natural production mechanisms that ensure a sustainable agriculture. That is how a high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is born.




Made at the optimum time to obtain the fruit in perfect sanitary and organoleptic conditions. From the moment the fruit is harvested, it is treated with care to obtain the best oils. We do not allow any impurities to reach the olive and spoil the fruit.


We take great care at this stage. We do not allow the fruit to be bruised as this would result in it losing many aromatic characteristics of the EVOO. Olives are transported in independent containers with a maximum capacity of 400 kg.


Within a few hours of harvesting, the milling process begins. We use the latest cold extraction technologies which allow us to get an exquisite juice of olives with excellent chemical records and sensory values ​​(taste and smell). Thus we keep our oil free from defects or alterations obtain and create the highest quality "My Aceite Jaén®".


Finally, the oil rests in the hold in stainless steel tanks. It is stored in optimal conditions to guarantee the highest quality oil; temperature and contact with oxygen are controlled and contact with odours, flavours and light is avoided. We ONLY pack based on our orders, which means that our oil is in the best condition in the warehouse.


Our oil is subjected to strict quality controls, which ensure an excellent and homogeneous result in every drop. The physical-chemical analysis, the control of the organoleptic characteristics and the classification tastings all contribute to the creation of an outstanding oil.


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